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Slow down, take a breath, we most likely have a solution to your problem. To get the best results from our Search Engine, here's some pointers...

This Search Engine only searches our online Database called the "Knowledgebase".

Simply enter KEYWORDS concerning your problem, and a list of possible solutions from the Knowledgebase will be shown. Pick SINGLE WORDS that are the most important points of your problem.

Start with ONE WORD ONLY, and then use "AND" or "OR" to reduce the search hits further.

Example: "print cable" would find solutions containing the words "print" AND "cable" or since partial words are detected, it would also find solutions containing "printer" AND "cables". If you used "print OR cable", you would find any solution containing EITHER of those words. "outlook" by itself would find any solution containing the word "outlook", so you could then add another term "outlook AND crash" and it would only find solutions where outlook crashed. (see 'More Examples' below)

NOTE: Search does not "speak english" - meaning you need to enter WORDS that apply to your problem but NOT a whole sentence describing the problem.

If you don't get what you want, think of other words that might apply, like "crash" may be found as "stopped", not everyone says "crash" when their computer stops working. It's better to use terms that apply to the problem specifically, like the program name or device name.

Keywords are NOT case sensitive, and can be partial words.

You can always reduce the number of results by using the words "OR" and "AND".

If you put words in with only spaces between them, the search engine adds "AND" inbetween them. So if you input "irq crash" it's the same as entering "irq AND crash".

The keywords you enter search all of the Knowledgebase, including the problems and solutions fields. Enjoy!

More Examples

"print" will find the words "printer" and "printers", but "printers" will NOT find "printer" so it is sometimes better to use partial words.

"win" will find "windows" also, but covers you when it is refered to as "win98". "downlo" would pretty much cover you for both "download" or "downloads".

"my fat table is gone" is NOT a good idea, it will probably get you nothing. It would be better to use "fat" or "fat table" to get what you want. "fat OR table" might also get you better results.


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