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 Privacy & Security

You can surf anonymously!

When you surf the Net, log files are created containing information about:

  • The last web site you visited.
  • The address of your machine.
  • Every place on the site that you visit.
  • Cookies that track your visits.

These don't seem like a big deal, but combined with some security holes like access to your hard drive from remote, someone could learn a lot about you.

Find out what info is sent NOW by clicking here magusnet or a very extensive test here and a FULL PORT SCAN can be done at

Using anonymous services and understanding how 'bad hackers' access your information may save you from future problems.

 Related Links - Post or e-mail anonymously from a web browser, well maintained site, easy to use and free. If the main link doesn't work, try this one Anonymous Web . - Located in The Netherlands, has a collection of privacy enabled software downloads. Also a SSL enabled remailer , post or e-mail anonymously from a web browser, and a mail2news gateway that allows e-mail posting to News Groups (USENET).

Anonymizer - Allows you to send emails without revealing any personal information. Also a WWW browser interface Anonymizer Surf.

Aixs, Janus, Lucent Proxy, and Refract- Have a web browsing feature with privacy.

Anonymicer (note the "mice") - Also allows you to send emails without revealing any personal information. Also a WWW browser interface Anonymicer AnonWWW , and Anonymicer AnonNEWS that allows private posting to News Groups (USENET). - PAY FOR software from a CANADA based company that works alongside your existing Internet applications to ensure that no one – not even the company – can compromise your privacy online. Read more about it here .

Eternity Server Project- Post web pages & material which others would like to censor. A good description of this NEW idea is at phrack. - Surf anonymously.

PGPfreeware - Get PGP for privacy, it's free and it works great! Secure files, e-mail and other stuff, check this out! - Information on protecting your privacy, junk mail and more.


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Why bother with privacy or security? Read some of the posts to the Risks-Forum Digest and see if anything bothers you!

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