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From: Adrianne on 01/07/2002
I have a Compaq Presario that came with ME installed. Not happy at all with ME but that's beside the point. Computer froze on me while I was in Dreamwearver (web-page program). I resarted the computer and it won't load past the Windows screen. It only opens in safe mode. I have done the following with no luck: preformed 5-6 system restores (restored, but wouldn't open up without safe-mode - now it won't let me do even that)disabled ini, sys, vXd on start-up, restored the scanreg file back to March 2000 (only dates available).
When I go through a step-by-step, it stops at msmouse.vxd.
I think the only thing left to do is pay the support people $60 to tell me to restore the system to factory settings, which means losing all the programs I've installed since then plus a number of large files that can't be backed up to floppy.
Any suggestions?????

BTW - can I uninstall ME and install Windows 95 or 98 withou totally screwing everything up??

Thanks much,


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