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 Explorer.exe hangs if no media in removable drives Post a Reply  
From: roy on 01/11/2002
Clone P2 450 128 MB W2K Pro SP2 with IDE attached Zip 100 drive and USB attached Olympus Smart Media reader.

The drives are properly identified in the Explorer Folders window as Removable disks. If there is no media in the device, you get the following message when scrolling the "Folders" window brings the drive into view (the message actually pops up just before the drive would be displayed):

Message box caption: Explorer.EXE - No Disk
Big red X followed by "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk2\DR4.
Buttons: Cancel Try Again Continue

The message shown is for the Olympus reader. The message shows different details when there is no zip disk in the zip drive.

If you keep using Explorer by clicking cancel or continue, it eventually crashes. The Dr Watson log shows an Exception Number c0000005 (access violation).

The problems occurs even when non-essential background tasks have been shut down and no other applications are running.


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From: Ron on 05/28/2003
This issue is occurring with me with MS Money on Windows 2000. I have to put a disk in my ZIP drive in order for the error not to occur. This also occurs with some games like the Sims. VERY FRUSTRATING. Any breakthroughs, please email at

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From: Donavon on 12/16/2002
I have the same problem but with my machine it is coming from a ZIP drive. If I put a ZIP disk in the drive and leave it there I never have a problem with it, but as soon as I take it out it starts giving me the errors. VERY annoying!! If you come up with a solution please e-mail me at Thanks!!



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