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 My screen just pauses and the computer doesn't Post a Reply  
From: Chris on 01/14/2002
I've recently instlled windows XP and a new video card, but all seemed to be working fine until my power supply unit suddenly conked out, i bought a new case and PSU and installed everything onto it, however when i started it up again the screen just seemed to get 'stuck' at certain points (most frequently when playing games or during high disk activity) all disk activity stopped, and nothing responded to anything (not Ctrl-Alt-Del or anything), I presumed i'd broke my video card during the re-install, and bought a new one, but the same problem occured. I thought it was possibly a software error and re-installed drivers - no luck, then i thought it was a larger software error and i wiped my hard drive formatted it and re-installed windows, but then it crashed during windows Install, exactly the same.

Needless to say i'm a bit stuck.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,



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