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 Mouse freezing and buffer memory disapearing and n Post a Reply  
From: Janet on 08/31/2002
I am operating on Windows ME and recently sent my computer in to be reformated and generally tested out.

Now the mouse is freezing when i am using the computer at, I think, set intervals.

Also when i am trying to copy CD's I keep getting a buffer error and then the copy fails. I have tried copying from E drive to E drive and lowering the speed, but this has not helped.

I tried running a defrag to see if this was interupted and it was, possibly suggesting something is running in the background. I have disabled all housekeeping tasks in scheduled tasks, ensured that the computer doesn't hibernate etc and it is still doing it.

Please help because i do not know what to do next.


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From: Computerpilot on 09/03/2002
I will attempt to suggest some simple solutions to start, then the harder ones will come if the simple ones do not work for you.

First off, do you have a keyboard drawer under your desk? If so, throw away your mouse and keyboard and go treat yourself to a wireless. I have seen way too many keyboard and mouse cords stressed or cut by these roll out drawers. They are wonders of science, but they do cause chaos.

Another solution if that does not work. Make sure that your fan is turning in the back of your computer. If you have an older computer and do not dust it regularly, this fan may stop and cause over-heating problems. Also, are you getting funning noises when you start up your computer or does it run a little louder lately? You may need a new CPU fan or system fan as well.

The older CDRW drives do not have a lot of buffer memory. I always try to install them independant of any other CDROM or Hard drives. You may need a computer nerd to help you with this.

Also, one issue may relate to the other. Especially if you are not getting proper cooling.

Make sure that the software you are using to make CD's is updated. If the memory buffer error occurs right at the beginning of the burn, this might indicate that there is a driver to hardware conflict that an update may fix.

Also, are you running the test before burn option in your software? Try running a test in your software to be sure that the software is properly configured for your drive.

Are you on the Internet or is other applications running during your burn? On slower systems, you want to make sure that other programs are shut down before working on burning a CD.

Please feel free to post back after you have tried my suggestions. Also, find your friendly computer nerd for my next suggestions...



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