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 Winword caused an invalid page fault in module use Post a Reply  
From: Kenneal on 09/01/2002
I have HP windows98SE and I installed Microsoft 2000.
the program works great, but when I close it out and try to open any kind of window program. I get the error message
Winword caused an invalid page fault in Module user32.dll at 0167:bff558c6
EAX=00000001 c5=0167EIP bff558
EAX=00000002 ss=0167fespbff558

at the end it says
stack dumped

what is wrong and how do I fix the problem. I have no information in and just started loading the 2000 program.
Thanks for any help.
I am on my computer not the internet when this happens.


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From: Computerpilot on 09/03/2002

I think you are indicating problems with Microsoft OFFICE 2000. You indicated 'Microsoft 2000', which I am interpreting to be Windows2k pro. Also, this could be Microsoft Works 2000.

The error message you are getting is related to running both Works 2000 (or newer) and Word 2000. I would choose one and uninstall the other. There is a plugin conflict with Works into Word that needs to be uninstalled.

If you insist on having both installed, then please read this KBA:;en-us;q257417

If you have further problems, please post back.



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