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From: Eric on 01/20/2002
This is my pc specs

Athlon 850
GeForce2 MMX (32 meg)
Win98 Sec. Ed
256 Ram

My system crashes alot..seems to do it when the heat in the house turns on.. or it gets hot in here..

What I have done so far is this:
New Power Supply
New Power Line for PC only from the main breaker box
Installed 2 fans in the side of the case. One for exhaust and one to blow in cool air.

This is what happens

System will either turn off (like the cord has been pulled) or will freeze totally.

If it turns off and I instantly try and reboot.I get an error message: something about my ifsmgr.vxd

I have taken this system to a comp tech (the guy that built it for me) and he ran it fine, no probs for hours on end...playing high end graphical 3D games and surfing and such.. no probs..

Once I get it home, it tends to crash on me..

Any clues to what I can do to fix this problem?



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