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 My KICKASS computer HANGS for no apparent reason . Post a Reply  
From: Em3rald on 01/28/2002

AMD Athlon 1.33 GHZ
ASUS Ali MBoard
512 MB DDR PC2100
SB Live! 5.1
Asus NVidia GeForce II GTS 32Mb
Quantum Fireball 40 GB HD (I cheaped out, I know)
D-Link Ethernet Card
Windows XP Professional
Sony 16X DVD
LG 16/12/40 CDRW
350 Watt Power supply
Volcano 6 CPU cooler
2 Case fans + Power Supply fan

It hangs all the time. No apparent reason. Sometimes in startup it gives me an evil blue screen that says that my BIOS might not be ACPI compliant. Most times, it boots normally.

What I have tried to do to fix it:

#1 Better cooling (I thought it overheated sometimes) this solved the problem of hanging during heavy CPU usage, but it still had arbitrary hangs.

#2 Switched PCI ports for all my hardware. No Change.

#3 Uninstalled my virus scanner after checking for viruses. No Change.

#4 Uninstalled all peripheral programs. No Change.

#5 Checked for updated flash BIOS. Nothing was available - I have the most recent edition.

#6 Pulled my hair out and bashed my head on keyboard. No Change. Got a hummer of a headache though.

Okay, I suspect that maybe my Vidcard or my Soundcard are over heating. I have NEVER heard of this before as an issue, but I am going out on a limb here. Besides, the computer ALWAYS runs very hot, so I am thinkin it could be an issue.

I also thought maybe I had corrupt memory. But I don't have any idea how to check that.

If you have any really good advice, please email me ... I would be very grateful for any support!! This is becomming a pain in the butt of monumental proportions!!



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From: Mark on 04/21/2002
The AMD webpage mentions something about only using recommended power supply units?


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