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 SERIOUS | winword.exe repeatedly disappearing [OFC Post a Reply  
From: Patrick on 09/04/2002
Has anyone ever seen a corruption or a virus (macro or other) that would cause the winword.exe executable to be deleted from the hard disk?

I've seen this occur now on two separate operating systems, so the OS is out. I just installed MS Office 97 (newest version I have :) on a Home XP pc, BUT I slaved the old drive into this new pc. The fact that the same Word docs are being used, makes me think it is one of the above but I've not had any luck finding the source using both McAfee and Norton.

There are no listings for any macro virus that has the capability to remove the winword.exe file (source Google, AltaVista,, MS KB, McAfee, Norton, etc.)

Any thoughts would be great.

12 yr programmer/pc tech


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From: mallonmp on 02/17/2003
Many thanks to Big C - the patch he suggested solved my problem of winword.exe being deleted after word was running for about 10 seconds - (office 97)

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From: Big C on 01/03/2003
Try installing this patch.Seems to have done the trick here.
I am using Office 97 but there is also a similar patch available for Office 2000


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