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From: Paul on 10/15/2002
I have been getting the blue screen of death on a daily basis for the past week or so. It seemed to begin after putting my computer on a network. Also, I removed a number of programs that I no longer used.

the latest message was "an exception oe has occured at 0028:C16E618F VXD ---. Called from 0028:C0096376 in VXD ---.

I pressed a key, then the message changed to these numbers "0028:C00153BB VXD --- . . . 0028:D7968200 VXD ---."

Would appreciate any help you can give


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From: Computerpilot on 10/16/2002

Virtual memory errors usually call upon a particular 'virtual driver' that is causing the problem (ie, VXD VMM, etc.). It is also handy to know what you are doing that triggers the error message. I will bet that it occurs mainly during a game that you play or Internet page you visit. Also, I am sure that the error never follows an exact pattern every time.

I would assume that your video card is giving the error if what I indicated is accurate. If this is the case, the standard first reaction is going to be to find a newer driver for your video card. Also, you my try changing the resolution settings lower to test for the same error messages. It is typical for Win9X computers to give such an error message when a video card is running hot (being used a lot for tought graphics). If you have access to another video card or are thinking about an upgrade, you may want to try this as well. However, I would try the driver and resolution setting changes first.

Feel free to post back with more information. Then I can do an accurate diagnoses.



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