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 Allows Safe Mode Boot Only= OE 0028:C006 FFFF1 IN Post a Reply  
From: Randy on 02/20/2002
***When booting up the OE occurred in the 0028:C006 FFF1 in VxD VNETBIOS(01)+000009B1 occurs. This was called from 0028:C024C5D5 in VxD VMM(13)+000005D5 and may be possible to continue. ***When web browsing an OE at 0028:C001C344 in VxD --- occurs and may be possible to continue.

Can someone throw me some tips & tricks to resolve the trouble???


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From: Randy on 03/04/2002
The trouble turned out to be an non compatibility issue with a creative dsl modem. Swapped out the dsl modem for a different kind and all is good with the world. The error went away after the new installation of a different dsl modem. FYI

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