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From: Ron on 02/24/2002
my sons computer is a Proteva pen 11 with win 98se, and im on roadrunner cable modem. the unit worked great until i went to view something on roadrunner and it said i need to update realplayer, the update seemed to work and i then viewed the video. I went to shut down the computer and it would not shut down, so i turned the power off, the next morning i went to turn on my computer it came up in safe mode,
but nothing would work, not even the start button, to get into anything to try to fix it.
i then turned the power off and now it will not even boot up to safe mode, i tryed putting recovery cd in and it will not even read the cd drives, you can hear the HD trying to do things however it seems noisy !
and after 3 minutes it turns the computer off by itself.
im usualy ok at messing with my computer but this ones got me?, Ron > thanks PS did my HD crash ?.

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From: aqeel on 11/27/2006
i need to update my real player to the latest version

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