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From: TOm on 09/07/2002
Hi, I constantly Blue Screen when I click an icon for a game after the computer has been on a while. If i reboot, it always will work if i click right away the same game i was trying. Also when i exit some games i get same blue screens. (Kmode_exception_not_handled, Irq_not_less_or_equal, etcc) Also if i boot my computer and not touch it for 2 min, i will blue screen on the next app i try to open. I also seem to have some corruption problems from time to time. I scanned for viruses and ran scandisk , etc. Could this somehow be a memory thing?

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From: Computerpilot on 09/09/2002
No memory problems. Well, usually not a memory problem. I am guessing you are using Windows XP.

The error message that you are getting indicates a hardware conflict. Usually, two hardware devices that are sharing and IRQ are not getting along. Find these two devices, attempt to change an IRQ on one, and game on.

Do you know how to switch IRQ's? You can do this for some devices in the Device Manager. If not, an easy way to do this is to move devices around to different PCI slots on your motherboard.

Of course, if your computer is under warrenty, then you can definitely pull case to take it back.

Do you know how to check for the competing hardware devices? You can do this in the System Information (Accessories, System Tools) or you can do this in the Computer Manager (right-click My Computer, choose Manage).

Hope this helps, please post back if you have questions.



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