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From: LINDA on 02/26/2002
While running my System File Checker it fixes my corrupted files but then does not end correctly. Instead of just finishing it comes up with the following error:
SFC caused an invalid page fault in
module KRNL386.EXE at 0002:000042cc.
EAX=00000020 CS=014f EIP=000042cc EFLGS=00000217
EBX=c1870ba0 SS=1a5f ESP=00008280 EBP=0000828c
ECX=0000ffff DS=016f ESI=00439da4 FS=24a7
EDX=c1870c18 ES=016f EDI=00445370 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
67 aa fe 46 ff e2 a4 eb 10 67 8b 04 42 86 c4 67
Stack dump:
82840000 00441e5f 00afbbf8 4344829c 1e5711af 00000020 0000bbf4 0a9d82ce ffff1e5f 11afbbf8 11af062a 06680624 11af062a 00200020 0001001e 11afbbf4
how do i fix this part???? Please?

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From: Error_Eliminator on 03/27/2005

Hi All, I just had the same problem, here's what fixed it for me.

This is due to scanning of an EXE file which doesn’t support versioning (or with corrupted header).

You’ll receive the same error while trying to get version property by clicking on file’s version tab (with Windows Explorer).

Finding the corrupted EXE can be done using Filemon.exe.
Google sysinternals +filemon

I had trouble on my pc running both filemon and System File Checker (sfc).
What i did was to start SFC, let it get about half way through, before the failure, then start filemon.

When you receive the fail, stop file monitor and find the last scanned Execute files.

It should tell you the folder where the faulty .exe file is.

My problem was with a Setup (install .exe) for Boot Magic. This had been on my pc for a couple of years, without problems, then suddenly started causing problem with system file checker. It also gave the same problem when i found it in windows Explorer, then right clicked on it, clicking on 'Properties' . Sometimes, i had to check properties twice before the fail appeared.

I removed this file to a cd-r, deleted it off my pc, then problem solved.

If it is a program that you need, (you don't want to delete it), then try de-installing the program, then doing a re-install. That should clear the problem.

If the problem is still there. De-install the program. Then re-install it to a new Folder outside of C:\program files
Example, for Kazaa. De-install it, then create a new folder under C drive, like so C:\kazaa
Then re-install Kazaa into that folder.
The point here is to re-install it to a new folder outside of program files, (because sfc scans program files). SFC will not scan this new folder, unless you tell it to, in settings.
So, as long as you leave it out of SFC scanning, problem solved !

If you have any problems finding the exe file with filemon, then you can find it manually, but it takes a bit longer.
Open SFC, go into 'Settings' . Take a note of all the folders to be scanned. Then remove them, one at a time, starting with c:\program files
If SFC now runs ok without program files, then you need to find out which folder in program files is giving the problem.
Use the 'Add' tab in 'Settings' to add the program files folders, two or three at a time, until you come to the fail error in SFC. Once you find it, proceed as above.
Don't forget to put program files back into the folders to be scanned by SFC

If it turns out to be the Windows folder that is causing the problem.
Well, there are about 350 exe files in windows folder (win98), so perhaps the easiest might be to OVER-install the operating system again. That is, leave the old installation in place, and just run setup again. But don't do this, unless you are sure the problem is in Windows. (that is, if you remove the Windows folder from SFC scanning, and problem clears)

Good Luck . . .


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From: jan on 11/28/2004
omg I have the same error with the same address
I have reinstalled win98 after a reformat so have a very clean system mostly just safty programs installed AVG, ZA, ADaware, etc
I have a problem with Internet explorer loading a disney site which has made me run troobleshooting procedures .
If I get an answer I'll post it back

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From: Rodger on 10/23/2004
10/23/04. I have the exact same problem (same address) with Windows 98se. I am in the middle of re-installing Windows on a new partition on an added drive. I copied the sfc.exe and the krnl386.exe files that were involved from the old installation. That activity made no difference. I have not found a solution yet but I am looking. Sfc.exe has been run many times before during this installation of Windows without fault so I am thinking that one of the programs that I have installed since my last drive image acquistion may be causing the problem. If I cannot find a solution for this problem, I will step back in time with my last drive image and see what happens. I'll get back to this site with the results in day or two.

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From: Frank on 02/07/2004
I have the same problem. Tried extracting SFC, krnl386.exe from original installation CD. Ran scandisk and defrag. Have 7gb free space, still no resolution to problem. Posted problem on other expert sites, but can't find a solution. Anyone who has resolved this please post solution.

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From: Ron on 11/11/2003
I wish I had a solution. I only have the same problem as Linda.
If, anyone has a solution, please, please, post it.

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From: kotori on 05/23/2002
The same problem occurs in my Windows 98 Second Edition system (Japanese Version) with reproducibility

LINDA wrote:
: While running my System File Checker it fixes my corrupted files but then does not end correctly. Instead of just finishing it comes up with the following error:
: SFC caused an invalid page fault in
: module KRNL386.EXE at 0002:000042cc.

Nothing but the address differs:

I throw doubt on Delphi 6 Personal but have no clear-cut evidence.


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