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From: victoria on 03/05/2002
Help when my computer crashes i get a blue screen with the message error in windows press any key to continue or ctrl, alt, delete. to restart computer this is starting to really pee me off as it does it as i am form filling or playing a game which i havent saved. Also when ever i connect to internet i use my connection manager but i get no window just a window for untitled note pad i did not put that there so how do i get rid of it also i have to click on another icon to get internet window after i have used connection manager and closed the untitled note pad. Please help me.

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From: Alan on 04/19/2003
Every time i do any thing on my computer the computer keeps on
saying press any key to continue and i do that and nothing happens
in the end i have to press the ctrl, altgr & del then the computer
restarts it's self again

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