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From: steve on 03/23/2002
Windows XP Home installation fails:
D:\I386\asms I/O device error

Anyone to comment?


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From: Jim on 02/09/2010
For the "asms" stuff, this works for me, thanks to Steve in this thread

Steve on 09/18/2009
I too had been getting the dreaded 'asms' problem during Windows XP SP2 install, and Terrys fix regarding Device Manager got me half way there:
1) when prompted for the 'Asms' file hit shift+F10 to get to dos prompt
2)at prompt type "sysdm.cpl" which will take you to the system screen.
3) Click hardware tab then devices to take you to the device list
4) locate your CD drive and it may have a yellow error symbol over it
5)right click the CD drive and click properties
6)click the driver tab and click update driver
7)choose 'install driver from specific location'
8)click 'dont search I will choose'
9)choose the very first generic CD driver on the list and click "next".
After rebooting this seemed to solve my problem, my CD drive came back to life and it all worked - I had previously tried every fix known such as the official regedit, the re burning of the disc to a DVD but to no avail.
Try this tip and hopefully you should get somewhere


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From: Erik on 04/14/2007
After I received the error message I changed drives from my CD-RW to the DVD and for some reason it worked. WinXP installed just fine.

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From: Computerpilot on 12/15/2002

Here is what I would do in the following order:

1)Make sure install CD is authentic. If not, try to re-burn the CD or get an authentic version.

2)Make sure CD is cleaned.

3)Completely re-partition your drive and start new format (NTFS is good)

4)Return your CD and get another copy. CD is bad.

5)Try another CDROM. Once Windows is installed, switch back and see if it works. Maybe a defective CDROM.



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From: John on 12/13/2002
This problem had happened after finishing installing WinXP.

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