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From: Marie-Anne on 04/16/2002
I have just reformatted my pre-installed Win ME.
The reason was that I kept getting a blue screen in the middle of any program. Sometimes even before startup had completed. After the reformat I still have the same problem. I tried selective startup to eliminate software incompatibilities, but so far no luck. Somtimes I can use the computer for hours without a problem.
I can't find my specific blue screen message anywhere on the net explained.

I get the following error:

MXECPV (02) + OE:0028 : C18C99B1 or
MXECPV (02) + OE:0028 : C18CFA51.
The number after the last colon varies, the rest is the same.

Anyone know what this error message means?

Please write to me at:



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