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From: nikki on 04/17/2002
We were havig alot of differatn fatal errors, and blue screen errors. then told we need to reinstall windows 98. or another version. so we tried windows me. the pc froze before it was done and would only run in ms dos mode after that. We put in the rescue disk that came with the pc (it is a compaq presario), and it only allowed us to run one of the disks, and at the end said it was an error reading drive N. ( dunno where that drive came from). But it let us back into windows 98. Now the pc wont recognize the modem, and fatal errors are ringing up left and right. what do we do?

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From: andre on 01/23/2003
well I used to work for Compaq... here's what I would do...

call compaq and have them email you the 48 step QR process for that computer. try following the steps word for word... if that doesn't work... then I would delete the partitions and install a retail version of windows Me. If your getting that message im guessing you have a 7400, or EZ series computer... Me should be able to pick up all the drivers for that system except possibly the HSP56k micromodem...

let me know how it works out for you.


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