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From: James on 04/27/2002
OK, I have a list of errors, the common one is


or Explorer crashes with the following errors (they all caused different crashes)

module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff7b9f5.
KRNL386.EXE at 0001:00005145.
KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff724c1.
in module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff72a20.
module COMCTL32.DLL at 017f:bfb7ad00.

I'm running Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.2222 A with an AMD AthlonXP 1900+ (1.6Ghz) - can Win 98 handle that? Is it worth using Win2k or even XP?

Thirdly, every now and then my screen simply freezes with some funny lines on the screen. I'm using a Creative Blaster 4 MX420.

Any ideas will be welcome at the following address:



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From: Steve on 04/20/2003
Explorer caused a invalid page fault in kernel32.dll at
I found the problem using internet explorer 6 on the web site, it would error when you click on java related items,
(and windows update would not work either !)
then i tried to install a new web brouser (with java option)to try it , it gave a install error of "Error number: 0x80070725
Description: Incompatible version of the RPC stub" so i went to the web site for trouble shooting info and fixed it , the problem ended up being......
"On Windows 98 and 95, this error may be caused by a bad version of oleaut32.dll. To correct this problem, follow these directions to remove the old file and reinstall it." .I followed the fix instructions and presto !! :) :) good luck , Steve (faaflyer)

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From: Computerpilot on 12/04/2002

In the future, please post a new message for a new problem. It is difficult to find these 'piggy-back' posts to answer your problems.

These messages are associated with your video card. Please update your driver. It may be that you have a GeForce video card. In some configurations, a driver is not the only solution. It may require some tweaking of settings.

Hope this helps.



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From: David on 12/03/2002
how do you get rid of this problem bff7b9f5,bff766c1,0000:01ecb036 and
0002:000013fd,these r causing my system to shut down, i can,t even go on the net.

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