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From: MarkGT on 05/01/2002
I just installed my SCSI cd writer on a new build PC, installed adaptec easy cd creator v.402s on my system (win98se) and it was working all fine for the last few days, burning cds etc. then today i installed my old hard drive as a slave IDE drive (so i could access the data - all windows system files were removed) and i can now access the new drive (now assigned to D:) fine, but now whenever i try to open easy cd creator i get error message:

"CREATR32 caused an invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll at 0167" etc.

the app will not open. Note however that it opens fine in safe mode - no error messages. is this something to do with protected mode drivers?

i completely removed and reinstalled the adaptec software, but made no difference. found some articles referring to kernel32.dll and versions of MSIE, so I upgraded my MSIE to v6.0. but EZCD is still crashing.

I have looked at the Adaptec and Roxio sites who support this product, as well as the microsoft support sites, but cannot find any reference to this specific error message - relating to CREATR32 - anywhere... help?!! by MarkGT


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From: Cabama on 05/04/2002

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