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 mouse freeze system crash in XP when running games Post a Reply  
From: Mike on 09/24/2002
When I run games under XP which I had no problems with on Me they run fine for a while but then I get mouse freeze and I have to turn the system off without shutdown.

This happens on games such as FIFA 2002, Delta Force 2, etc.

Any advice? I'm running it on a Compaq 700 with a Synaptics TouchPad - I installed their latest driver but to no avail.



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From: Moumen on 06/08/2003
Hello all when i start recording from tape Line-In after 3 mins or 4 i cant move the mouse at all it happens when i will format the hard drive and so it stops at 60 or 40% then it wont continue :(

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From: Marc on 12/28/2002
It would seem that there is a serious bug in the Synaptics driver! I have a DELL Latitude and found a whole thread on the DELL support site about it.

#1) Try disabling "Tapping" in the Synaptics preferences

#2) Uninstall the driver for Synaptics touchpad and let Windows use the standard PS-2 mouse driver

#3) Update the Synaptics driver with the new and improved version?

(haven't updated to the new driver yet... but from what I read online it's a synaptics driver issue)


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