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From: Gary on 09/25/2002
I have a windows 98 and startup is normal as usual. Then when i try to go into "my documents" or any file folder on my start up i get the following error message
EXPLORER caused a general protection fault
in module USER.EXE at 000a:00002730.
EAX=0003c550 CS=179f EIP=00002730 EFLGS=00000286
EBX=00030308 SS=7cbf ESP=00008ece EBP=00c68ee2
ECX=00033a48 DS=63f7 ESI=0000c550 FS=5667
EDX=816b0000 ES=0817 EDI=000339f0 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
66 83 7c 75 00 74 53 9a ba 05 c7 17 8b d8 8e c2
Stack dump:
00068f60 8f6000c6 8efc0177 39f01d5e c5500003 0cdf8ef4 00000000 07240000 0d580030 8f107cbf 17d710d0 00000000 07240000 0d580030 00c60006 00008f60
It's been doing it more frequently and now I can't even get into my documents because I keep getting this error message. Help will be most appreciated. Thanks

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