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From: Chris on 09/25/2002
I have a problem and dont know where to start to fix it..i have a dell..but they want $$ to help me fix it and I aint ready to give em money yet. I keep getting an error message that says mxecpv(02) + 000002f1 error:OE:0028:C18a3651...what does this mean? and can anyone point me in the right direction?? I cant shut down without this comin up

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From: howard on 01/07/2003
I started to have this problem after installing an HP 2110 USB printer. HP were absolutly NO HELP! As far as I can tell MX refers to Ontrack's Fix It program. The offending part is their crashproof (!)program. Dissable this and possibly the error tracking as well and this should do the trick. :-)

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From: kevin on 11/24/2002
this is how i got rid of the problem a bit long windid but it works.

1. start / run.
2. Type (MSCONFIG)and select ok
3. Genral tab select (SELECTIVE STARTUP)and click on the check next to (LOAD STARTUP GROUP ITEMS)this will prevent programs in the windows startup and registry from loading automatically.
4. on the (WIN.INI)Tabclick on the windows folder and click on the check marks for (LOAD=, and RUN=)
5. on the (SYSTEM.INI) click next to boot folder and locate (COM.DRV)
the line should read (COMM.DRV=COMM.DRV.)if it dose not then click the check mark for (COMM.DRV)
6. select ok and restart the computer.
7. onstart up you will notice a messege box informing you that you are noe in diagnostic mode. click ok
8. select run (MSCONFIG) should still be in the run box if not put it there and ok.
9. select the tab (STARTUP) ok
10. that was the easy bit now you will need to check and uncheck boxes (process of illimination) until you find the affending file.
11. (if you have fix-it utillites by ontrack you could start with that as i founjd this to be the offending item. GOOD LUCK.


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From: Computerpilot on 10/02/2002
This error message is associated with HP 800 or 900 series deskjet printers that are attached via

I would recommend that you find the most current version of the driver (on HP/Compaq's website). If this does not work, then you may consider using the parallel port interface instead of the USB.

Somebody else had some techniques that worked for them. Go to this post:



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