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 CISCO Password: Default Password for CISCO Router Post a Reply  
From: Kirk on 04/13/2013
I lost the password and can't get in, HELP!

I used to be able to get in using the original default password on the wireless wifi -guest account but for some reason that isn't working anymore.

Please help, I need access and have important work to do.

I get this:

Which is the guest network asking for a password I think but sometimes I get this:

And it says Cicso so I know it's the one.

I think it's a E1000 AIRONET 1200 1100 or something like that I don't remember.

Lots of valuable information here, thanks for sharing.


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From: on 09/12/2014
the default password for any cisco guest account is 'guest'

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From: Brad on 04/15/2013
I need the Cisco password. It's for the username : SLACKER-guest, PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! I'm in need of it!

The page opens and states it is available at Cisco Connect. i have been unable to find it on multiple searches.

What is the normal password or admin password or default password? Is there something standard?

If this is for guests, why isn't a simple password or the default? Why advertise it for "guests" if no one can get on?

Using safari for my iphone. i can't use my phone internet when i am home.

I tried with my IBM laptop windows xp : would you happen to no the guest access password PLEASE.


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From: Langfeldt on 04/13/2013
what is the password for guest access

it says TallFlamingo-guest

Cisco Connect login screen

i live in the appartments so can u please help me


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