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From: Alex on 01/09/2013
So i have a Alienware alienware corp m17-r1, I think it was a 2007 model. maybe 2008.
on the bottom left you can see there are two harddrive ports. well the other day my raid array in intel matrix storage was failing to boot so i deleted it, now im getting errors like this.
Pxe-e61: Media test Failure, Check cable
Pxe-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.
Operating system not found.
Now lets name my ports so you can better understand whats going on:
The port closest to the front is A
The port closest to the back is B
I took apart a few things and port A was screwed up, the dock part where the metal meets to connect is bent, my girlfriend fixed it and the harddrive fit perfectly back in and was still giving my problems, after removing the harddrive from Port A and leaving Port B in i rebooted and am now getting the same error, I took the harddrive out of Port A and switched it with Port B leaving port A still empty and I get a more simple error "operating System not found" on that note il check it again and try to boot from CD because I have a OS in there. thing is I try booting from CD when the above error happens (pxe) and it reads it and dismisses it. if my Port A is FUBAR can I only run off the port B, i dont need the extra 500gb of space anyway, i still cherish this laptop and want it to live much longer i cant afford to throw it away right now its imperative I keep it. (sentimental) does anyone have any advice on what to do or any fixes? once she wakes up il have her fix the port again and try Port Bs harddrive in port A. this is just so nerveracking I need some help.

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From: Jim on 01/11/2013
You say you deleted your RAID array? Where is that at? Is it possible you deleted the operating system? "Operating system not found". And a RAID array is usually more than one hard drive.

Normally you have to go into BIOS and select it so it can boot from the CD drive, then you can boot from a windows CD and put a operating system on the hard drive you erased.


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