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From: Jag on 04/24/2011
My computer enters PC Power saving mode at completely random times while I'm actually on the computer working.
Example: I'm writing a document then suddenly my screen goes blank and then says "Entering Power Saving Mode" after which the green powerlight on the monitor changes orange. I try to wake it up again, by either pressing keys on the keyboard or moving the mouse, and nothing. Pressing the power-button and/or monitor button doesn't help either.
Sometimes when I turn it on it goes straight into power save mode. It lets me get into BIOS, so I disabled the power saving mode and still doesn't work.

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From: Trav on 05/17/2011
The first thing to check is if it might be a fan problem. The computer can sense the fan speed and may be shutting it down before it gets too hot, or just because the fan is turning too slow due to dust accumulating on the fan blades.

Easy to check and easy to solve, try that first.

The problem may be the power supply. If it's happening after you added some kick ass video card then that may be your problem. Some people forget that a better video card will need more power in some cases. Sometimes a bigger hard drive causes the same problem. More memory, more PCI cards added, what do you think happens?

Sometimes it's as simple as moving PCI cards around or to other slots, that may make the IRQ order different.

You can try going into BIOS at boot and turning off anything that has to do with power saving modes or suspend / hibernate stuff and see if that does anything.

Look for a Power Save mode on your monitor's settings via it's menu button (on the monitor itself) it may be sending a signal to your computer to go to sleep or something. All these things are now talking to each other, how nice.

Turn off any over clocking and see what that does. (if you had it on)


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From: Ron on 05/16/2011
I've got the same problem as you having the power save mode going in the moment my screen goes blank. Only happens when I have open a lot of windows as I am always working hard. It's totally frustrating!!

After some press on the keyboard and shaking the mouse around, it sometimes returns back to normal. I have already sent it in for repair and even changed the hard drive and the same thing happens. Then on top of that I tried upgrading the ram. I guess the tech guy couldn't help much either. I wonder if your problem is solved? I have been searching the web and trying to find a solution to it, could it be some software problem?


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