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 Pc shut down,no info,cannot start until 3-4 hours Post a Reply  
From: Edge on 12/14/2010
Short info

It is Dell 8300.And when we turn it on everything is normal.Games,movies,music,web everything works perfect.But after a couple of hours it just shut down himself without any warning.Sometimes it is after 2 hours sometimes after 5.And there is no chance that it can be turned on again before 2-3 hours pass. New installation of windows xp is on but the same thing was with the old one. CPU temperature is around 32 Celsius and graphic card around 40 Celsius degrees.All vents are working.And finally when we accomplished to turn it on again after few hours it starts normally without any problem or warning and is working for next few hours before new shut down comes.
So i will be grateful for any help!


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From: James on 12/14/2010
Sounds like a over temperature condition. It's the only reason to have to wait a few hours.

Some of the new laptops / notebooks / netbooks / pads can read the battery and power supply temperature too. Does anything seem to be getting hot when you feel around the case?

Download one of those simple sensor monitoring programs and watch **ALL** your sensors while you are playing games or playing a movie, which should be a pretty good power draw.

It's also possible that a sensor is malfunctioning or went bad. You will find that out when you monitor all the sensors and feel around the case to confirm if things are getting hot.

Another possibility is that your external CPU temperature sensor is only on the heat sink and somehow your CPU has come loose from the heatsink and so the internal CPU temperature sensor (inside the IC chip) is reading high. If that's the case then you need to make sure it's contacting the heat sink correctly and has some sort of thermal compound on it or one of those grey plastic heat transfer pads on it.


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