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 Outlook 2000 closes as soon as it opens on its own Post a Reply  
From: Kirk on 09/09/2010
I have Outlook 2000 installed on 2 different computers. The same problem popped up on both of them within the last week. They both quit, or developed trouble, sending email, and it would sit in the outbox. Then, when I open Outlook on either computer, the box that says you have "unsent messages in your outbox' pops up and "do you want to close anyway". I made a change on my computer of the port settings and it sent the emails, but now Outlook opens for about 2 seconds and immediately closes on its own on that computer. I suspect Windows did some type of update that messed up Outlook or Office, but who knows. What can I do?

I have Windows XP installed on a Dell Optiplex GX270 and a 280.


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