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From: Leon on 03/26/2010
Hopefully someone can help with this. I've been repairing my 2005 Toshiba Satellite so I can use it for my schoolwork and projects again. I've dished out all of my money for a replacement hard drive, which is completely blank (as usual), and I have tried to install multiple OS (XP, Vista, and Ubuntu to be precise) on it.

Here's where the problem starts: I've discovered that my optical drive no longer works (and I don't have the cash to replace it; even if I did that would be going to a new battery and charger, but I digress), therefore none of my disks will work. However, my three USB ports seem to be functional (they register on the BIOS, which is PhoenixBIOS version 1.10 by the way), so I've tried to install an OS via USB, namely Ubuntu. However, all I come up with is this:


which blinks over and over. I don't know if the files for installation are installed wrong (since my friend in ISSN has access to an ISO burner and all that other happy stuff), if it just takes a while (I've waited up to five minutes), if my USB drives can't work like this, or if my computer's just a lost cause. Do any of you know what could be changed (i.e. changing the BIOS's setup) to make this successful, or know of an OS that can normally be installed via USB? Please reply if you know anything. Thank you for your time.


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