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From: Jackson on 10/07/2009
I know this is part of another post, but I feel as though I have some variations to the problem. I am getting the Operating System not found code preceded by the "PXE-E16 media cable not found" (Or whatever it is) So I figured this was a hard drive problem.

This all began occurring after my laptop fell off the bedside and when I began browsing the computer a bit later, it just crashed.

Well I disconnected the hard drive and I still get the same message, I go into BIOS and it still detects a hard drive??

Someone on these boards suggested to F9 and restore defaults in bios...I did that and after exiting it flashed (Press F11 for recovery) and then proceeded to the Windows XP loading screen....I was relieved for a moment but then it began to take too long to load and it blue screened and shut down...I've never been able to get that screen again.

I have no idea what to do. I've tried re-securing the HDD and everything and still nothing. I just find that BIOS detects the HDD without it kinda weird. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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