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 Unable to Detect Bootable CD/DVD Post a Reply  
From: dhiraj on 05/08/2009
Can anyone tell me, why Bootable CD/DVD are not being read in my Disk drive [The bus is alright and i can detect the CD/DVD drive while booting , but cant read on booting ]

but with Loaded vista/XP image in my hard-disk i can read games/music CD/DVD in my Disk Drive.

I have tried with 5-6 of Bootable CD/DVD on my drive and i cant really find the fix


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From: stacy on 06/26/2009
is it sata. i've found on several machines that if sata is disabled in the bios, even if your using sata drives, the drives will still be seen and written to, and you'll be able to boot off a cd/dvd. doesn't work in every case, but i have run into that several times on several different manufacturers and was successful changing those bios settings.

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