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 Windows 98 Fatal Exception at 0E 167:BFF87EE0 Post a Reply  
From: Alexandre on 11/12/2008
So am I, typing something on my Pc and than BANG! All out of randwqom, Windows crashes, I get the Blue Screen of Death with the messege "Windows - a fatal exception occoured at 0E 167:BFF87EE0 blah blah blah". My Pc is a Athlon K6-II 413mhz with multimedia extension overclocked to 450mhz (just can't find a way to turn it back to 413 on the motherboard BIOS), with 64mb of Dimm RAM (two of 32, actually) my motherboard is a SiS 530 with sound and video (8mb shared) onboard, running Windows 98 4.10.2222 A.

These crashes are really annoying me, if someone could help I would be very glad.


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