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 Internet stops working after 10 minutes, Vista Post a Reply  
From: Jim on 10/19/2008
I just got a new laptop with Vista and SP1, I installed Avast and ZoneAlarm to protect it.
Now when browsing with either IE or Firefox everything works OK after boot for about 10 minutes, then I can't even get to google. Reboot and all is OK again for about 10 minutes.
I am directly wired to the network and using another computer I can verify that the internet is working OK.
Turning Zonealarm off doesn't help. I don't want to leave it off for very long.

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From: Jim on 10/23/2008
For others who may read this, looks like it was Avast, my virus scanner.
I turned off "on access protection" and everything seems to work OK.
I don't know if this is the correct thing to do, more research needed but it works for now.
I found that pings to web sites worked OK, but the browser didn't go anywhere so that started my line of thinking.

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