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 Intel SE440BX2 MB NO BIOS Keyboard "Sequencin Post a Reply  
From: Anthony on 01/10/2008
Greetings. The machine in question was donated to a local charity. I was "blessed" with the honor of getting it prep'd for a disabled person in their backlog of people looking for a PC.

When turned on the Keyboard's lights "sequence" (looks like the lights on the front of the car on Knight Rider), i get an Intel Boot Agent 2.2 line, and then it drops into a sequence that tries to get to the older Windows 2000 boot, which won't go through because there's an incorrect password, the keyboard is locked from the get-go, so there's no way to enter anything anyway.

Oh, AND THERE'S NO RESPONSE TO F2, DEL, or F12 keys on initial bootup in order to access the BIOS so the boot sequence can be changed (was told this might be a PXE error, and the system is locked at the NIC's trying to get an image from a main hive, which is no longer there).

Simply put, i'm about to do some Louisville-Slugger-style Hacking on this doorstop soon, so PLEASE PLEASE, if anyone knows what can be done here, your post will be GREATLY appreciated by not just myself, but also the person who will be donated this system once it's configured.

God bless, Anthony -


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