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From: Danny on 06/03/2007
An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C0030D12, ok like the other this error was called or cause by Vxd. I'm running windows ME too but i wasn't tunning AOL, matter of a fact i was trying to play to starcraft (original not broodwar if it matters)

Here's my informations about my computer

Pentium 3 1.3 Ghz
512 ram
Internet explrer 6.0
DirectX 9
Genuine CDs of Starcraft (not copied or downloaded)

The error usually happens 1 or 2 minutes after i started the game

if you have any idea except reformating hard drives and reinstalling exploitation system (cause ialready did it many many times) please e-mail me to or post it here


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From: Puke on 03/09/2008

try earthLink, if your fond of dial-up.

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From: Barf on 03/09/2008

you might want to uninstall & reinstall S.C. ...and get rid of aol, aol sux. Brood Wars Rules!!!

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