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From: Bob on 05/18/2007
I managed to give my gateway a minor static bump. Now I only have blue, no red or green output. I know it's not the monitor because the NO SIGNAL message as it reboots gives the RGB box correctly.

I am on the same computer that's hosed. The system boots OK. It's just blue. Safe mode boots OK. But if I go into boot logger and try to boot the Windows Media Edition and not the "Windows(default)" I get the error message, "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt-
Windows root>\system32\hal.dll
Hitting Enter at that point reboots.
I recently replaced the hal.dll file and nothing changed. still get the above message.

Tried a system recovery to before the time of the static but it did nothing

Boot logger and selecting the "Windows(defualt)", system boots ok.
So I don't know what is happening. The Gateway is a bundeled Windows Media Center Edition. XP SP2 with all updates.


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From: soopie on 05/23/2007
have you tried on another computer? reinstall the video card drivers? other than that you probably magnetized the monitor and partially killed it.

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