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From: Suzie on 04/26/2007
I did an application recovery on my computer because I had a few things that weren't working thinking it would fix them and life would be good. Little did I know that it would cause my whole computer to stop working. I have a Compaq Presario S3000NX with Windows XP. I have no desktop anymore when I can get one it only has the Recycle Bin and Internet Explorer. I can get on the internet but I cannot download ANYTHING so I cannot fix anything that way. I cannot go into My Pictures etc because access is denied. All I get is a Message Service window that pops up saying I have 55 critical errors and I have to DOWNLOAD from a website to fix them. If there is anyone in this world who can help me I will be forever grateful. Thankyou

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From: Soopie on 04/26/2007
sounds like spyware to me, probably corrupted your profile.

you will have to get another computer to do this but... download ad-aware second edition, the latest definitions from

download spybot search and destroy and do the same thing.

start the comp in safe mode and install, run the programs. should be able to wipe out whats lurking.

if that fails, try and hook up the hard drive as a slave in another computer to get the files off of it and format and reinstall the os


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