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From: Ron on 04/02/2007
I am running windows 98 (I like it and don't want to upgrade to a different system) I have been getting a lot of problems lately with spyware and such. I have "spybot" and everyday I scan it and remove problems it finds. Still, problems pop up and slow my computer down. Yesterday it started in "safe mode" with bad color and everything oversize. I did a spybot scan and deleted my cookies and history and files. Still, everything is big and anoying. I have my windows 98 disc and I want to restart my computer so it is like the day it was bought. How do I go about this?

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From: Chris on 04/05/2007
It isn't terribly complicated to reinstall Windows. Just back up any important documents, music, etc to a CD or a disk somewhere, then restart your computer with the Windows 98 CD in the computer. You can just follow all of the prompts on screen to reinstall. However, I would definitely recommend upgrading eventually, Microsoft no longer supports Windows 98 so it will be incredibly insecure (virus' and spyware).

Note that if you bought the computer with programs already installed (for example, microsoft word), those will likely not come with the CD, so you will need to get them elsewhere.


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