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 Boot problems "stop:oxoooooo7e(oxcoooooo5,... Post a Reply  
From: huan on 03/24/2007

I've just put together a brand new system consisting of the following:

Intel D975XBX mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
Transcend 1 Gig (2x512)
Powercolor Radeon x1950xt 512 pci-e
Western D. 250 gig. SATA HD

Everything is brand new from the box.
When i try to boot a fresh copy of XP Pro,
it'll load all the setup files,
but when the actual installation starts,
(when it says "Starting windows setup")
it'll just go to a blue screen error message saying

Stop:oxoooooo7e (oxf78e8208,oxf749cobf,oxf78e8208,oxf78e7408)
followed by "pci.sys - address.........blah blah"

or a black screen with "media error" and something about cables.
though i've gone over connecting cables and wires
in the right place over and over again to no avail
can someone please help,
p.s. i've also tried 2 XP cds, no change either


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From: matthew on 08/27/2007
i have the same exact problem, but my pc is factory made, i didnt put any addons or anything.. almost nothing works anymore. it all worked perfectally before but not now. is it possible the reason is cus i scanned the files?

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From: Carl on 07/28/2007
Have same problem, Intel is sending me a new mobo. We will see and let you know if that is the solution.

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From: K on 05/14/2007
i have some oroblem, du u have fix it ??

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