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 PXE-E61 MTFail - BIOS menu locks up! Post a Reply  
From: JD on 03/07/2007
Ok, much like the other PXE-E61 post, with some significant differences:

I have a Gateway laptop. It was running fine, then suddenly made a "VOOM VOOM" sound over and over again. The screen was frozen. I rebooted, and

PXE-E61 Media Test Failure
PXE-M0F Exiting Intel Boot Agent

Operating System Not Found

I went through the replies, and checked all my connections. I reseated the hard drive, reset BIOS to defaults, and still nothing.

One thing I noticed, though. After a minute or less, the BIOS menu will freeze and the cursor will not move. I have to restart and then re-enter the BIOS to make any other changes.

I saw that:

IDE 1 Master: NONE

How can I fix this? Can the HDD be tested? I don't have another laptop to use to test it. It is VERY important that I recover my data for work.


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From: Eddie McNabb on 03/16/2007
I'm thinking of using "SpinRite", too. I'd love to hear if that would help in this situation.

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From: JD on 03/08/2007
Does anyone have a solution? I was told to use SpinRite. Does anyone have experience with this program?

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