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From: Michele on 01/28/2007
I know that I have a computer virus, spyware, adware on my other laptop. I have not booted it for about six months. Today I tried to start it so that I could see about fixing it, or at least saving my files. The screen is just blank, nothing comes up at all. I tried rebooting it with the reinstallation CD in the drive for the operating system (suggested by a friend, but still nothing. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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From: ThereIsNoSpoon on 02/08/2007
Reseat the RAM, HD and battery. Also when you tried reinstalling the OS, was your boot order correct (CD first)? Are you sure the dispaly screen does not have a bad wire or connection? I assume you are getting power, although it's never safe to ass-u-me anything. LOL! If it's still not working, I suspect very bad news. Sounds like a bad capacitor, which means bad MB and unless you can get a replacement MB free or cheap, then strip what you want (like RAM and HD) and toss the rest. Problem with laptop MB's is they cost so much to replace that it's better to buy a new one, IMO. Also, I think unless you know laptops, you shouldn't open one completely up, unless you intend on throwing it away, which you may now be unfortunatly doing.

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