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 Quarterly Trojan or Worm???? Post a Reply  
From: Sharon on 12/03/2006
Yeppers, I am blonde and NOT computer savvy so please try to keep your answers simple! :(

Is there any such thing as a worm or trojan that happens once per quarter?? This started last January and then once per quarter since then to the best of my recollection. This thing makes my computer go haywire (super slow, changing settings, makes my screen distorted, takes hours to reboot, etc. but this time is the worst it has ever been. Before when I let my tower sit for a couple of days and then turned it back on everything worked fine but that doesn't seem to be happening this time and this time I can't even delete a simple file, jpeg or anything else from my desktop into the recycle bin because a gray box pops up and says that my C drive isn't available! When I go into properties in "My Computer" it tells me that I have NO memory or space left on my hard drive, it won't let me remove any programs, I can't download ANYTHING at all (including e-mail messages)and when I try to run my virus scan it scans one file and nothing else, I can't even update because it says I don't have any space left on my C drive, (which is bullcr@p!) Between these "bugs" I have continuously ran not only my McAfee, but also every other free scan known to man! (Trend Housecall, AVG, PC Pitstop (Panda), Symantec (Norton)Solo, and they ALL say that I have no trojans, worms or viruses!

I am running Windpws XP Home Edition with McAfee Security Suite 7 and the following is other pertinent information about my computer:

Processor Speed:   2.8GHz
Processor Type:   Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
RAM Standard:   512MB
Hard Drive Capacity:   120GB 7200 RPM
Floppy Drive Capacity:   1.44 MB floppy disk drive
Modem Type:   56K PCI data/fax modem plus Integrated Intel® 10/100 Ethernet Adapter
Sound Card:   Sound Blastyer Audigy 2
Video Card:   Includes a powerful 128MB Video Card!
Video Memory Standard:   128MB
Parallel Ports:   1
Serial Ports:   1
Mouse Ports:   1
Keyboard Ports:   1
USB Ports:   6 USB 2.0 (2 in front and 4 in back)
Operating System:   Windows® XP Home Edition
CD ROM Read/Write Speed:   16x/48x CDRW/DVD combo drive
DVD Speed:   16x/48x CDRW/DVD combo drive


Thanks in advance,


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From: Sharon on 12/03/2006
I have also repeatedly tried to do system restores and those don't work either. I have also tried F8 "Last Known Good" and Safe Mode. Nothing is working. It also tells me that I have no java (I do plus all updates)



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