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 Computer startup problems...can't make it into Post a Reply  
From: Chad on 06/02/2002
I am running windows ME on a Compaq (I know I know)and recently my computer is not able to start properly. It loads the first screen or 2 ( compaq screen and Geforce video card screen) and it freezes on either one of these. Soemtimes it makes it into windows and then freezes with a black screen and a mouse cursor in the middle of it. It usually takes me 3 or 4 tries to get into windows with no problems but it gets annoying having to try 5 times. If anyone has any idea wtf is goin on please post me a message back. I am pretty good with computers but this is a problem that the only solution I can think of is a format of my entire hard drive. (Please help I am gettin tired of doin that!) Thanks a lot! :)

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