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From: squirt on 07/22/2006
I have a dell. When I am on yahoo messenger and try to play games a error box comes up and then the screen vanishes. Also I can not view a web cam that I have been invited to visit. What is very strange is someone else that uses the same computer but on a different screen name CAN operate these functions. Any suggestions? All yahoo lets me do is talk to someone.....

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From: Rooky on 08/30/2006
What happens if you uninstall yahoo?
You can use yahoo mail without installing their software.
What else is installed? You got everything on there? AOL crap? Get it off of there!
The less you install on your computer (windows) the better off you are.
The cleaner you keep your system, the better off you are.
If you think other people aren't having all sorts of problems when they install a lot of crap, you are living in a dream world.
Every time you make a change and/or add a program you better think hard if you really, really need that program or not. This is the world of windows, don't worry, be happy.

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