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 Blue Screen..,memory dumb..playing games.. Post a Reply  
From: joaquinex on 07/20/2006
i played normal games..offline & online..suddenly appears blue screen with a tag problem memory dumb..i have no problem on my memory but why is happen to my computer..can anybody give some help or tips how to repair or to fix this one..

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From: Randy on 08/30/2006
Download one of those memory test CDs that you boot from, there are free ones, use google.
Let it run for a long time, if not maybe can you get someone to let you try their memory in your computer / swap with them.
It could also be a heat related problem, take the cover off the computer, cool the room colder than normal and see if it still happens, heat the room up more that normal and see if that changes things.
You have to try stuff to figure out what is causing this, you can't sit there and figure that there is just one simple answer.
If not, go have a beer or THREE and then go buy a new mobo and CPU the next day, money solves all problems.

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