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 Toshiba Tecra showing "PXE-E61 Media test fai Post a Reply  
From: Gary on 05/13/2006
Hi guys.
I have an ex works laptop, P4/1.7GHz Toshiba Tecra 9100.
It works ok other than when I boot up it shows the message :-

"PXE-E61 Media test failuire. Check cable.
PXE-M0F Exiting Intel PXE ROM."

It came to me loaded with Win2000 and did the same then, but now I've installed Windows XP it still does the same. I've removed both RAM modeules in turn to see if it was caused by faulty RAM, but now I'm thinking dodgy HDD or interface? I took the HDD caddy out and refitted it just in case, but no joy and I can't see how to get into the BIOS to check the settings (tried F2 & F8 on boot up).

One other thing. This may be unrelated, but sometimes when I boot up the LCD screen doesn't light up, although this may be an unrelated problem.

Ideas anyone??


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From: Gary on 05/13/2006
I managed to get into the BIOS by using ESc on power-on and F1 for System Setup. I tried to disable the LAN option for when booting up but it can't be disabled, it can only be changed in boot up priority.

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