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From: Teresa on 04/19/2006
I got a new motherboard ( ATI A3 + ALI M1535D+ Chipset ) for my daughter nothing special Just had an onboard video/out so I could hook it to her TV so she could play her games in living color, Thought it would be a nice surprise for her.

I made sure her old procesor was comaptable with it. ( AMP Athlon XP 2600 ) I made sure to get the heat sink compound gooped it on there before installing into the new motherboard and put the fan on it put her Memory onto the new board as well which worked wonderfully on her old board ( 2 x 256MB PC-2100 DDR RAM ). I set the jumpers to 133MHz instead of the default 100MHz Pocesor speed. I put the connectors onto the front panel header for the led lights, reset, power, ect. I connected 1 maxtor 20g HD to the Primary IDE Connector slot then to the HD itself And then connected the slave section of that cable to the cdrom. I then Hooked up the power supply 350w ( Also New ) to the mother board attached the power connectors to the cdrom and the HD. hooked up the cpu fan to the motherboard. Then put the keyboard, mouse, and monitor onto the back and sat back thinking she's going to be so happy when she gets home.

I power it up and the dam thing wont even post it shows the processor AMD athlon xp 2600+ and the bios version thats it. I can't even get into CMOS. I get the quick beep like it's going to start like a normal boot but thats all i get.

Needless to say my daughter was very upset instead of happy since niether of her puters are up and going. hehe This isn't the First computer i've put together this is just the first one that's stumped me enough to come to a board to post.

Thanks in advance


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