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From: michael on 01/12/2006
I've been getting lots of system crashes lately - mostly above codes.

I've run memory testing for hours and hours - Disk fitness testing for
hours - insured there is no malware or virus or Trojan on the system -
Updated and reinstalled most of the drivers - ran chkdsk and sfc/scannow
swapped out some memory and reseated memory

Every test finds nothing wrong.

Dell 8300 1 gb
Windows xp home
Radeon 9000 All in Wonder 64 mb
60 gb Hitachi hard drive

2 curious things -
Windows Error reporting is enabled but it fails to make a report
after a crash - it used to do so but has stopped.
Automatic restart on a crash is not enabled but after many crashed
the system reboots anyway.

Any thoughts on this - it's driving me crazy -

Thanks much for any help

Michael in Brooklyn


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From: dinesh on 11/01/2006
the error could be caused due to

1) Sonic DLA if you are using a MP3 player
2) McAfee security center.

Try to reinstall them


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