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 Corel PhotoPaint 10 makes protection error on Kern Post a Reply  
From: Ing. Adriano Fontana on 01/04/2006
Corel PhotoPaint 10 installed on a PC Pentium 4 at 3 GHz running on Windows 98 SE after loading and saving several photos (10-20) of about 1 MB each chashes creating a protection error on Kernel32.dll
Please for any known solution EMail to Thank you.

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From: Ing. Adriano Fontana on 01/18/2006
It seems that the problem disappeard once I've made the 3 following actions:
1) Restart the computer under DOS and delete all the *.tmp files inside \windows\temp
2) Delete WIN386.SWP always under DOS than restart the PC (Windows will create automatically another WIN386.SWP).
3) At this point it's usefull to run SCANDISK also.
Hope everything is going well..
Good luck !

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